Skilled labor of India now becoming its assets as we know labour in India consists of about 487 million workers, the second largest after China. Of these over 94 percent work in unincorporated, unorganized enterprises ranging from pushcart vendors to home-based diamond and gem polishing operations. The organized sector include those employed by the government, state-owned enterprises and private sector enterprises its our duty to reduce unskilled labor share and make our skilled labor more prominent than uskilled one. so we need to take some initiatives towards our education system and increase the share of our skilled labor.Despite the fact that India is a fast-developing economy, there is an urgent need to do far more to engender more employment opportunities for the majority of the population to contribute to the national growth and enable them to participate in ventures which will suit their potential. So there has to be a proper planned initiative through media and other reliable sources, to make convenient channels of communication. They should provide people of various backgrounds information and prospects which they can avail to be a part of the skilled labour workforce and contribute to the betterment of the nation. This will save our industrial and other developing sectors a lot of we need to understand our labor’s virtue….


natural resources

1.The total cultivable area in India is 1,269,219 km² (56.78% of total land area), which is decreasing due to constant pressure from an ever-growing population and increased urbanization.

2.India has a total water surface area of 314,40 km² and receives an average annual rainfall of 1,100 mm.

3.India’s major mineral resources include Coal (fourth-largest reserves in the world), Iron ore, ManganeseMicaBauxiteTitanium ore,ChromiteNatural gasDiamondsPetroleumLimestone and Thorium (world’s largest along Tamil Nadus[2] shores). India’s oil reserves, found in Bombay High off the coast of MaharashtraGujaratRajasthan and in eastern Assam meet 25% of the country’s demand

4.India is rich in certain energy resources which promise significant future potential – clean / renewable energy resources like solarwind, biofuels (jatropha, sugarcane)


growing market

1.India is a fast-growing economy with a dynamic and robust financial system. Being a democracy ensures a stable policy environment and its independent institutions guarantee the rule of law.

2.This highly diversified economy has shown rapid growth and remarkable resilience since 1991, when economic reforms were initiated with theprogressive opening of the economy to international trade and investment.

3.India is in the global arena for increased foreign investment - both through the Equity markets – termed Foreign Institutional Investment (FII) – and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). While its size and growth potential make India attractive as a market, the most compelling reason for investors to be in India is that it provides a high Return on Investment. India is a free market democracy with a legal and regulatory framework that rewards free enterprise, entrepreneurship and risk taking.

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