child labor

Child labor is an evil which has prevailed in our society for decades; it involves the sacrifice of a child’s future and his/her physical welfare in exchange for immediate monetary benefit. In most cases it is a parent or a guardian who is taking this decision and the innocent Children become a pathetic victim. Their languished future is the price they have to pay.

But gradually, this evil is weakening because things that were earlier a regarded as a taboo are now no more. People are more educated and socially aware. They now realize that education is a key to success and a better life. For instance, just a few years ago, an evil like child labor in Moradabad had engraved its roots so tightly that no one could even think of alleviating it. Majority of children, especially girls’ sacrifice their school life for the sake of their parent’s monetary benefit because their families thought that if their daughters start acquiring education then they would start neglecting and abhorring their domestic duties which is to be considered a priority.

Even today many parents send their children for work. However as per the reports, the number of child workers in Moradabad is decreasing day by day and our city show a tremendous improvement on this issue but still some of these children are neglecting their future because they are engaged in welding and polishing work in factories. And some are engaged in household based work.  Now the question arises, why is this happening? Because many in our society are ashamed to do their own household cleaning like sweeping the floor or cleaning own utensils or picking up the garbage. These jobs are considered menial so they hire small children to do the same. The worst part is, such individuals tend to look down on others who do their own cleaning.

Moradabad has been successful in overcoming some challenges, for instance, the percentage of school children has gone up to 75% with girls emerging at the top  81%. So, for the eradication of child labor  there is an urgent need of a meticulous initiative. A micro level initiative will be the most effective; if every household takes a small step towards it then we can definitely overcome this social evil. I would regard each one of us a failure if we stop our Endeavor just here because our goal is far, far ahead and we have just crossed the infantile stage…….


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