Dreams Converting into Reality- My Life at ITM, Navi Mumbai

new pics2 In today’s world everyone knows the importance of education specially the post graduation as most of the people are spending prodigious amount on it. So legitimate outcome will be if one gets legitimate result. As most of the universities in India are offering different part-time, full-time Course but everyone is not lucky enough to get admission in IIM’s but life doesn’t stop here as Someone truly said that “when we have not what we like we must like what we have” quoted by Bussy, even I totally agree with this. I am a student of ITM and I would like to share my experience with ITM.

Life in ITM is awesome not because I am studying here but the kind of exposure I got here is incredible in terms of academics, extracurricular activities and many more. Personally I found a huge change in myself because being a student of Delhi University( considered to be the best university of India) I won’t be able to get the practical exposure of my subject but here teachers are so hardworking they put so much of their efforts so that one can start loving his/her subject. Comparing two  sides of coin won’t be right. My  time in Delhi University was more of understanding and here it is about applying that learning in an effectual manner

ITM is an Alma matter for me where I learn a lot of things and  like how to launch a new product in market, news analysis, presentation skill, learning management through skit and Role-Play, research work and the best part is NGO exposure where I understand the real meaning of life because earlier I was not aware about the sorrow which exist in this world. I heard these terms earlier like poverty, inequality but through my NGO exposure, I was actually able to experience it. It has been just 6 months, I have experienced so much, and I am sure that in remaining 1.5 years I will accumulate wealth that will last with me for the lifetime.

Everyone has a different experience but in my opinion, if one is academically good then this is the best place for him/her because ITM provides a stage to display hidden talent of its students. As we know India is a country with huge human resources but people are not aware about their virtue everyone wants to be the part of top college no matter they learn there or not or be able to groom their personality or not because everyone go after brand name but what I feel is that one should always look for learning as a student.

At last I would like to conclude that I don’t know whether I will get placement or not but what I know is that there are many rungs left in my ladder to climb to achieve my cherished goal and ITM is the one which has laid foundation for my intended goal. ITM-Navi Mumbai satisfied my hunger for knowledge and nurtured my talents for public speaking and elocution.


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