Transgender life is all about sacrifice..

When they are born, first they sacrifice their mother’s love because this society will not allow them to live in a cocoon of care of their mother. That innocent child does not know what a difficult life is waiting ahead for him on which he has no control.

When they start growing, they sacrifice their school life, teenage and every small moment, which we enjoyed, but they cannot.

When they are finally grown up, their only source of earning becomes dancing in our weddings or on the birth of an infant but why we will not welcome them as nicely as they welcome a normal child.

Now we need to introspect that why this is happening with them, just because they are Transgender, which is natural. Why they are not the part of our society? Why we do not allowed them to sit with us in school. Why they are not allowed to live their life as we are allowed to.

Think and ask your self….


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