Why we considered darkness as a black phase of life, I would rather consider it as a good phase of once life where learning actually starts.

The more you suffer, the more you become determine;

The more you struggle, the more opportunity you will get;

The more hard work you do, the more successful you become in your life;

Take inspiration from nature…

Diamond (which is considered, the precious stone of the world) comes out of black coal mine.

Lotus (which considered being the most beautiful flower of the world) comes out of sludge.

Therefore, do not underestimate the power of darkness (black) try to learn from it and if something going bad then always think that something good will happen soon.


2 thoughts on “DARKNESS

  1. Great wisdom here for all that we encounter are lessons for us to grow spiritually. The darkness in ourselves as well as that of others prods us to not be complacent. Well spoken, hugs,pat

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