Source:Google images (picture)

GOD is only one then why we human try to find bhagwan in Temple, Jesus in church, Allah in mosque and wahe guru in gurudwara only?. Today I will tell you,that everywhere we will find same power it is just that this power has many name.

  • T-Temple where you find BHAGWAN
  • E– Energy
  • M-miraculous return
  • P-positive power, which heals our grief and sorrow
  • L-light, which guide us
  • E-empathy
  • C-Church where you will find JESUS
  • H-healer of our grief and sorrow
  • U-unconditional mercy
  • R-reliable power
  • C-creator of this world
  • H-hope
  • G-Gurudware where you find VAHEGURU
  • U-unconditional love
  • R-rejoice
  • U-unbiased concern for all
  • D –divine power
  • W-wisdom
  • A-angelic
  • R-relief from tension and sorrow
  • A-accomplishment
  • M-Mosque where you will find ALLAH
  • O-optimistic power
  • S-supporting hand
  • Q-quick relief from sorrow
  • U-utmost peace
  • E-energizing energy

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