Today I will tell you, how a person, who is weak in English, started writing blogs all of a sudden. Yes, I am talking about myself. I am not an inborn writer but certain things happened with me which inspired me to write blogs. Firstly, I would like to thank all those who have hurt me deeply in some way or the other, because if I would not have got hurt then I would not have written these blogs.

The objective of my blog is to create awareness among the masses. I want to motivate people so that they can live their life independently (without the help of others). Second most important reason is I want people to read these blog so that they can understand the deeper meaning of every word. Now the question arises, how my blogs will help the people:-

  • Help in increasing their vocabulary
  • Help in analyzing the things deeply
  • Help in retaining the words
  • Help in increasing the mental power
  • Help in increasing their thinking power
  • Help in increasing the imagination power

I did a lot of hard work in creating these blogs. Trust me, it’s not easy to write in this way because we have to fit every word with the actual word else it won’t make any sense. I know I did make a lot of mistakes while writing these blogs because I am still a learner. Every day I learnt something new. I went through many articles so that I can write as beautifully as renowned authors.

I know one day my persistence will be rewarded and I will reach the zenith because I firmly believe that “what if I cannot write beautifully, I am happy because I can think big.”


  • S – Sleepless night (my fear of failure, I cried like hell because the only mistake I made was that I was honest)
  • T –  Torture of continuous rejection (I wanted to be an analyst but never got selected anywhere, so I decided to do MBA)
  • R – Restless days (I kept on studying)
  • U – Utmost sorrow and pains (family problem, my health issues)
  • G – Greed of learning English
  • G – Greed of improving my personality
  • L – Long struggle to get in to the research work and lost in my own word of imagination
  • E – Engaged myself in learning (I studied science, commerce, arts, music, kathak, table, reiki and finally doing internship in market research).

My struggle did not end here; I keep on asking people how to write this sentence. Even I took help from one of my friend to write this blog and my best part is that asking from someone does not make me feel inferior, because I am still a learner. Sometime I forget words my memory is not that sharp I keep on forgetting name of people around me but still I am determine..


4 thoughts on “MY STORY

  1. roli awasthi says:

    u r inspiration for many. ur positive thinking definitely give u great heights… is like a may have many holes and emptiness but if u work on it carefully,it can play magical melodies

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