Source:Google images (picture)

Today, I will tell what depression is

  • D-Deep negative thinking which directly affect your brain and its thinking power
  • E-enormous waste of energy on negative thoughts
  • P-poison, which affect the whole family
  • R-reside in our brain, because its aim is to break our thinking power completely. So be aware do not let it enter in your brain
  • E-enable you to become weak, fragile and start talking in air so that other consider you as mad.
  • S-slowly slowly kill you from inside
  • S-slowly slowly snatch all your happiness and leave you only in pain and sorrows
  • I-inside you, to fright u
  • O-odious life
  • N-never let you successful in your life

If it is so bad then why cannot we do something in advance so that we can get rid of it? Just think over it and be aware



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