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It’s a human frailty they prefer to do those activities which they are not supposed to do like forbidden fruits is always tastier but no one understand its future’s ill effects on one health. Today I will try discussing the side effects of smoking and drinking on our health

  • S-stroke brain
  • M-mouth, throat, larynx, pancreas, bladder, stomach, lever, colon etc cancer
  • O-oodles of infections
  • K-kidney  and lungs damage
  • I-increase the chances of infertility
  • N-noxious for you
  • G-gruesome death
  • D-damage your brain, loss of memory and hallucinations
  • R-reduce metabolism
  • I-increased the chances of cancer
  • N-noxious for you
  • K-kidney and lungs damage
  • I-impotent in men and infertility in women
  • N-number of problem like family issue, break up, loss of productivity
  • G-gastritis and ulcer or vomiting and lastly gruesome death

Still some people never understand this fact that life is very precious


3 thoughts on “SMOKING/DRINKING

  1. C.S. ADHIKARI says:

    Yes indeed, smoking and drinking are very very injurious to health but now a days have become the status symbol and fashionable for so called modern society and more so corporate world where no meeting or event ends with a drink. The five star culture which we are increasingly and blindly imbibing have many many bad trade offs.

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