If such great work can be done by them then why couldn’t we?

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NTPC  welfare based two projects firstly Tapovan and secondly Vishnugad was started in 2006 in Joshimath district chamoli (Uttarakhand).It was a welfare work jointly  taken by NTPC and ladies club of NTPC (Alaknanda Mahila Samiti).They have covered few poor villages of Uttarakhand i.e. paini, ringi, ravigram, bhainguel, selung, dhak, lata, tapovan, chamoli, bargao, jugjugjuagarh etc. They have taken a small step towards the welfare of the society I know most of our citizens do not even know the names of these districts where these great people are providing the basic amenities to the general public like health camp, water supply, road, power etc.

Ladies club specially concentrated on women empowerment. They jointly come together and working on the women’s education. For extolling the virtue of ladies they organized different events like, dance, drama, sports, prize distributions etc. They organized these events and distribute various things like sweaters, lunch box, etc to keep them motivated. Kalyan Samiti also doing welfare of poor schools up to 5th class and also providing ladies stitching and knitting classes so that they can become self -dependent

In today’s world everyone reconciles with the fact that women are suffering from the problem of violence, exploitation and abuse. It is therefore urgent to act to create violence free environment for women in which their rights are respected as they grow and then they can do much better for the society as a whole. A lot has already been done by these people and there are many things left which needs to be done for a better society. It has been a fulfilling process to help, ensure, safety and empowerment of the women and poor people. I thank and appreciate leaders who are helping to enact and bring about a change in mindsets. I pay tribute to all those who voluntarily came forward and are doing much great for the social welfare.

Today i will define this great lady Dr Roli Awasthi  in my own way. She is the welfare Secretary of Alaknanda Mahila Samiti who took initiative of various projects which help many needy in some way or the other.

  • R-Reliable Lady
  • O-Optimistic
  • L– Loyal
  • I-Imaginative
  • A-An angel on earth
  • W-Warm hearted
  • A-Ambitious
  • S-Sociable
  • T-Thoughtful
  • H-Helpful
  • I-Impartial

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