BELABAHARR (Naviin Gandharv)


No doubt India is a country full of people with versatile gifts and who are well known in their respective fields but there are some hidden gems who although are not very well known but are brilliant in what they do.

One such gem is Naviin Gandharv who is an extremely talented Belabaharr and tabla player with a unique and different approach. Naviin is learning Belabahaar from his father since last 10-11 years. Naviin regularly performs table solo recitals and often accompany his father at various concerts, but his true passion lies at playing Belabaharr. Probably he is the sole known proponent of the art of playing this unique instrument as this is not commercially available but has the passion to make its use popular.

I happen to witness his performance once when I had gone to BSE to run some errands. There I saw people enjoying and extolling his art. Hearing his music was such bliss that for once it seemed I was at peace with myself. It had a soothing effect on my nerves and I was feeling relaxed after such a long time. I am pretty much sure that this feeling was shared by many people who were present over there. With conviction, I can say that there are only very few people in India or even in the entire world that have such talent.

As a young artist Naviin leads a busy and exiting concert career with his brother Devanand Gandharva. His debut performance was with his father at the Acharya Alauddin Music Circle, Indore. He gave his first solo Belabaharr performance at the ‘Kal Ke Kalakar’ sammelan and got huge positive response from all listeners and critics. He is one of the few artists to have performed belabahrr and tabla at the same stage with equal dexterity despite the fact that the both the instrument are extremely different from each other.

Motive of this blog is to make people aware about this peach of a person who is a Talented Celebrity. Now with rapid advent of technology, people prefer to enjoy music on IPODs/CD Players thus making music more reachable to all and   music of Naviin will surely help people to relieve their stress & tension. Life of such people is very hard as they are always working behind the scenes so let us encourage them and bring their talent forward so that they are able to gain name & fame which they truly deserve. In our India we have global music stars but we never ever notice them we always keep ourselves and our people on the lowest level, In India  I can bet most of the youngster don’t know about PT ram narayan, Ustad Shahid Parvez etc but everyone knows about Michael jacksons , even in politics Modiji is now recognized when his all hair turned grey and see he is a man who is full of talent conviction love for our motherland. So now time has come to understand the virtue of these talented people.

Today I will try explaining BELABAHARR music in my own words.

  • B-Blissful
  • E-Entertaining exotic
  • L-landmark
  • A-Artistic
  • B-Beautiful
  • A-Antique
  • H-Hundreds of colour
  • A-Aesthetic
  • R-Romantic
  • R-Royal

Reach him-
Mob: 09820207827


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