TATHAASTU “तथास्तु “

Yesterday the team of Tathaastu came in to our campus (ITM navi Mumbai), I was the part of crowd and feel blessed to listen to the ensemble of seven. So today I will share my experience in my own words.


Few facts on tathaastu.

  • T– Tathaastu is 1.5 year old band
  • A– Astonish people with their voice
  • T– Team work of seven talented people- Abhijit Ghoshal(vocals), Aniket Kar(key), Adil Rasheed(guitars), Shovan Mukherjee( bass), Khwab Haria( drum), Arun Solanki( World percussions), Kaushik Basu( Tabla)
  • H-Heart touching music
  • A-Ambitious people who all are working hard from so long.
  • A-Amazing lyrics.
  • S-supporting team
  • T-Thrilling artist
  • U-Unique offbeat original composition.

and here is my poem on “Tathaastu”


कड़ी मेहनत से जन्मा “तथास्तु ”
मधुर संगीत की रख इससे बस आस तू
वो संगीत जो दिल को छू जाए
उसे सुन के बस हम ये कह जाए
उस अंजान आवाज़ ने इस कदर,
हमारे मन को मोह लिया ,
उस रात वो मधुर गीत सुन के
फिर मै चैन से सो लिया।

Please have a look on these videos…..


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