As this year is going to end so today I will talk about those people who have helped me throughout the year because without them I won’t be able to successfully write all these post.

Firstly I will talk about my mother Mrs Geeta Mehrotra who helped in editing my Hindi poems, I studied Hindi till class 10 so due to which my Hindi vocabulary is limited but I love listening Hindi songs especially the old ones so through this I keep my vocabulary updated, and Hindi is my mother tongue so good thoughts naturally come  to me but I suffer when I write, so she helped me in correcting the same. Thank you Mom for always being there for me.


  • G-Guide me as my mentor
  • E-Enlighten my thoughts with her knowledge
  • E-Encourage me to write more
  • T-Taught me how to write.
  • A-Always appreciate my efforts

Now here comes Anubhav Tandon who helped in writing my English post even though with his hectic schedule he always find time for me and always guide me whenever I need him. Thanks you for always being there for me your guidance mean a lot to me.


  • A-Always appreciate my efforts
  • N-Nonstop guidance
  • U– Unconditionally helped me in every best possible way
  • B-Brilliant efforts was given by him in every point whenever I need him
  • H-Helped me in correcting my grammar
  • A-Actively solve every problem of mine
  • V-vital role played by him especially when I write in paragraph.

Now I will talk about that person who actually created this blog for me i.e Prabhanshu Gupta Thank you for giving me such a precious gift.


  • P-Prepared this blog for me
  • R– Reads my every post patiently and help me correct the same.
  • A-Always appreciates my efforts
  • B-Briefs me about  wordpress.
  • H-Helped me how to use the same
  • A-Actively solves every problem of mine
  • N-Narrates the story of wordpress for me and tells me its benefits
  • S-Solve every technical problem related to wordpress
  • H-Helped me in creating awareness
  • U-Unconditionally helped me in every best possible way.

Now I will talk about my best Friend Maitreyi who always supported me and helped me to improve my grammar.Thank you Maitreyi I feel blessed to have you in my life.


  • M-My English Guru
  • A-Always appreciate my efforts
  • I-Invite others to see my blog
  • T-Trained me
  • R-Reads my every post patiently and helps me in correcting them.
  • E– Enlighten my thoughts with her knowledge
  • Y-Yearly supported/motivates me
  • I-Invest her precious time on these post

Last but not the least I would like to thanks all those people who helped me in writing some way or the other, wishing you all a very happy new year


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