स्वर्गारोहिणी (swargarohini)

Today I came to know about a very interesting fact that the path of heaven is there in my country “India”, but most of the people like me don’t know about it.So today I am sharing this link please have a look and just see the path of heaven which starts from “Badrinath”.

उस शक्ति को पाने का रास्ता,
तो मेरे इस देश भारत से ही जाता है,
कहते है जो जाए उस राह पर वो
इस शरीर सहित मोक्ष भी पाता है.
इस रास्ते पर चलकर तो हर कोई प्रभु
को पाना चाहता है.
मगर  जो जाए सच्ची भावना के साथ,
बस वही उस शक्ति से मिल पाता है।

But as per Bhagwat Gita/buddhism/swami Vivekanand”Truth is within you never seek it outside”…..

Prerna Mehrotra


5 thoughts on “स्वर्गारोहिणी (swargarohini)

  1. Arun maurya 07836817980 says:

    Thanx .to give a life drim.ab yahi meri drim hogi.
    Mai apka bahoot aabhri hu .mai hamesha iss video ko dekhta hu.
    Mai jald hi yanha jaunga..life me ye jarur karna hai

  2. Arun maurya 07836817980 says:

    Doesn’t. But I have decided to treeking of this place.actually I love trekking but trekking with this thought and this kind way ,its very very special for my life.
    Thanx again for this video

  3. Amit says:

    Hi.. I belong to the where it lies ..I m from Nainital….going to visit swargarohini and satopanth lake this year in sept….

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