Today, I will discuss a serious matter. This is about my current college, where I study. The matter pertains to what I have observed since the past two years. I wonder why as an individual, we are not satisfied with what we have with us, why do we not consider the truth, that we are not students of IIMs. It is because we are the ones with some weaknesses, and our failure does not allow us to shift the blame on the college.

I had a deep insight about my college today. I thought about the beautiful college building and how cheerfully it takes in all the offenses targeted at her. But this college is still taking care of those who are targeting offenses at her. Unfortunately, these people are a part of this very college.

I have a request for all the juniors and seniors. I request you to please stop playing the blame game, we need to work on our weaknesses rather than blaming this beautiful college. Trust me friends, the day when we all will realize our own shortcomings, then it is my firm belief that than even OUR college will start giving a tough competition to the IIMs, and not only IIMs, any other college across the country. Anyone can accomplish anything. If we have the will power, we can achieve anything. Because where there is a will there is always a way.


So Today I will talk to my Alma Mater through my poem.

क्यों इंतने इल्ज़ाम तू अकेले यू ही सेहता है ,
क्यों अपने ज़ख्मो का हाल तू किसीसे नही कहता है,
तूने तो हर मोड़ पर हमारा साथ दिया,
अपने को सता कर,
हमे आगे बढ़ने का ज्ञान दिया,
मांगू आज मैं  हर इंसान की तरफ से तेरे से माफ़ी।
तेरे दिए हुए ज्ञान के दिये में तेल है अभी भी काफी,
जो हमे हमारी मंज़िल तक पहुँचा देगा,
तेरे आँचल में करे हुए कर्म का फल वो हमे ज़रूर देगा,
बस तू मुझे बता- तेरे दिए बलिदान के बदले तू मुझसे क्या लेगा?
मैं तो एक आम कवियत्री  हूँ,जो तुझे दिलसे चाहती  है।
तुझे ऐसे हाल में देख, तेरे लिए वो भी अश्क बहाती है,
आज नहीं तो कल ये दुनिया भी मेरी बात  समझेगी,
समझ के मेरी बात वो तेरे सारे ज़ख्मो को भर देगी।

I will miss you ITM :(, Thanks for being a beautiful part of my life…..

Prerna Mehrotra


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