My Mother’s Talent


Today I’ll be sharing a small story of my mother’s struggle, After so long I got a chance to stay  with my grandmother and through her I came to know about my mother’s struggle & sacrifice. This incident was before my mother got married. If I were to summarise my mother’s entire life in one word, that would be “sacrifice”. She was born in a poor family, her father left her and her two sisters alone in her childhood. My nani(grandmother) sold her house and very frugally nurtures her daughters, my mother wanted to learn  painting but due to financial constraint she was unable to learn but as we know there is a silver lining in every story so her tenants paid the fees so that she could learn how to paint but my mother heart is so big she gave most of the paintings to the woman who paid for the classes and kept only a few with herself,My mother was unable to afford ply boards for painting so she would use all the little left over pieces of painting boards and paint on them.Today I am sharing the pictures of those remaining painting.I feel so blessed to born in such a talented family.She is a real celebrity.




Few lines on my mother’s life

लगन हो तो,
इंसान क्या कुछ नही कर लेता।
कुछ ना होते हुए भी,
लगन के बल पर वो क्या कुछ नही कर देता।
जिसे देख मेरा मन हैरान हो जाता,
खोजाऊ इसमें जो,
बीते कल के संघर्षो के किस्से वो मुझे सुनाता।

Prerna Mehrotra


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