Indigenous Management

According to me, it is localized management which is not restricted to any predefined/stringent rule or regulation,  which mature companies like MNCs follow because a start-up worked on their self-created rules, where indigenous management plays a vital role in their overall development as HR are one of their most important assets, so  both required working in such a fashion so that, both sides of the coin wins. Hence, there should be compatibility between them. Now I will discuss indigenous management with respect to a start-up. Let see what all they do to give a satisfactory environment to their existing employees.


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  • I-Incentives to work more
  • N-Nutritious food served especially at odd times
  • D-Days for fun & night for work.
  • I-Influencing parties
  • G-Going extra mile to give them job satisfaction
  • E-Enjoyable working environment
  • N-Nurtures you with good care (condition apply- if one is doing his/her job passionately)
  • O-Oodles of compromises
  • U-Understands your problems personally as well as professionally.
  • S-Sometimes overwork & sometimes less work.

Activities under indigenous management are not only restricted to these above points it can be anything as it depends on the company to company like what different rules they are setting for their employees,or we can say they are working on customized management.

Now let see how it will be helpful to the people those who are working under such management.


  • M-Manage their personal as well as professional life.
  • A-Affection with the company
  • N-Nice behavior towards the company
  • A-Able to meet more targets
  • G-Growth of employees
  • E-Easy to work in such environment
  • M-Manage work-load, cheerfully
  • E-Enables them to learn constantly
  • N-Nourish their mind with good thoughts about the company.
  • T-Triggers them to complete tasks with perfection

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