Farewell letter to Mumbai


Dear Mumbai,

I am not very happy today because Mumbai, I am saying goodbye. It’s not giving me any pleasure to write you a farewell letter especially after staying inside your cocoon and feeling loved and protected for two whole years. Tomorrow will be the day I finally leave the city of my dreams, forever. And it is breaking my heart and soul to leave you, but my lips will keep smiling. Today I thank you for giving me those beautiful moments of joy and pleasure which I felt in your arms. I experience physical ailments too, but that does not matter anymore. That pain is nothing compared to the pain of leaving you behind. I want you to know that I wish to spend more time in your caring arms. I dream of coming back to you, again in the future. I am leaving you, but my love for you will never cease to exist.

I have such fond memories with you, Mumbai. I will always remember the crowded local train compartments where I could never stand properly, heavy rain showers that made travelling tough, the breath of wind that spoke to me, the temple where I used to meditate, my hostel’s own pet dog I named him Kalu (I still don’t know his name!), he was a good friend of mine.In the end, I will thank my alma-mater,  that educated me and taught me how to live life courageously, my hostel building because I became a poet when I was here alone. It was rumoured that the building was haunted but for me, it was divine.

You know Mumbai I never wanted a degree in Masters in Business Administration. Back when I was in Delhi, I struggled after graduation to get a decent job but I was rejected each time. Travelling was expensive from Moradabad to Delhi and back again. I was so disheartened with life and myself that I used to hide my tears from everybody. In the end, I decided against a career in the corporate world but here, I was hired by Monster Instinct, the company is working to solve the same issue. Their initiative touches my heart so deeply that I decided to become a part of it.  Monster Instinct is my first company and I hope I retire from here but I know God knows better than me, so whatever will come in my way I will accept it happily.

In the end I would like to convey my sincere regards to my Reiki Guru Manasi Karmakar, my true friends Aastha, Ramesh Babu, Earnest Prashant, Maitreyi, Neena Madam, Dr.Adhikari, Dr. Sunil Pevekar, Aranha Roy Sir, Pawan Sir and everyone who helped me in need. I will never ever forget you.

I will miss you Mumbai. I want you to remember me too. Lastly, my words are incomplete without my poem so here is my poem…..


चल पड़ेगा यादो का साया अब मेरे साथ,
मेरी जीत के पीछे था,
तेरा मेरे संग होने का और मेरी मेहनत का हाथ।
तेरे आँचल मेँ जो, मीठे पल मैंने बिताये,
तेरे दिए हुए,ज्ञान ही तो,अब मुझे तुझसे दूर ले जाए।
पर ये मन क्यों आज भी, यही रुकना चाहता है ??
क्यों बहार से मुस्कुराके ,ये मेरे अंदर ही कही अश्क बहाता है??
क्यों ऐसा लगा जैसा कोई पीछे छूट गया ??
क्या उन मीठे लम्हों का शांत साया मुझसे रूठ गया??
रूठे को मनाना मुझे आता है.
हालातो से लड़ने में, मेरा क्या जाता है??
आऊंगी फिरसे मैं, इस रंगीन दुनिया की छाओ में ,
मिलेंगे सुख कई फिरसे मुझे इसी दुनिया के गाँव में।

Prerna Mehrotra


17 thoughts on “Farewell letter to Mumbai

  1. Liberal Soul says:

    its always tough to say good bye to Mumbai, I have been born and brought up there and yet i stay in Gujarat for business reasons from last 5 years, i cannot ever express my love for the city.
    I hope I can go back to my hometown soon, I hope you find peace wherever you are moving to.
    Keep on writing, I like your poems! 🙂

  2. Roli awasthi says:

    Prerna.tum sach mein auro ke liye prerna ho.hum tumhare ujjwal bhavishya ki kamna kertey hain.sadav istereh muskurati raho

  3. Dr. C S Adhikari, Dean Academics, ITM Kharghar says:

    Thanks Prerna for these beautiful thoughts, today only could access my mail as in Srinagar prepaid mobile and dongal are not accessible. Thanks for everything that you feel about your alma mater and yours sincerely. I did not do anything special to you. Whatever I did for you (according to you), I do for every body, however you think about it very special, it is your magnanimity. God bless you and stay in touch. CSA

  4. Roli awasthi says:

    Prerna.tum sach mein auro ke liye prerna ho.hum tumhare ujjwal bhavishya ki kamna kertey hain.sadav istereh muskurati raho.bahut emotional letter hai

  5. Will miss U too. But remember, I am always there for U and U are going away only physically. U will always have a place in my heart. Take care. God Bless U. Keep in Touch.

  6. Ramesh says:

    very nice prerna. your Sincerity, Passion, Dedication and hard work will always leads to success. All the best for your future,

  7. Prem Kumar Maheshwari says:

    WoW, my little girl is so much matured. Why not write your inner tremors daily. You are a good writer.

    Nice reading of this blog.
    Keep in touch.

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