Nostalgic moments of my life

Lost time is never found again  by Benjamin Franklin

Childhood is all about dreaming, but I am feeling proud that I spent that golden time in devoting myself towards rich forms of arts like Dance, Music, Tabla, drawings etc.I spent years In learning Dance tabla and music the true forms of arts. Those days I showed my talent and performed at many events. I wish when in future If I will get any opportunity to show and develop this talent again, I am sure that I will surely come up with flying colors.


I remember I always wanted my bedroom to be decorated with cartoons on the wall so that it may look like a Disney Land, so I used to spend all my vacations in making cartoons and putting them as decorative pieces on the wall.


I remember the time I also wish to have cupboards full of toys so instead of spending thousands on toys, I used to wait for my birthday the whole year. And make everyone aware of the present I m expecting from them on that special day of mine.




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