It’s not How, It’s Why


Today came across the book; it’s not how, its why – by Ranjit Samal. It’s a self help book, primarily a motivational and youth focused. The book contains 9 reasons for our youths, which answer the question “Why to be successful” – it connects the principle of success.

“Success is the word, which has become a prime parameter for our existence. People work hard, prove their potentials, enjoy with their achievements and come out with lessons for success.  These lessons turn out to be theory for all who are willing to be successful. How to be successful has become a great question and is being magnified day by day.

Is it money, large house, luxury car, utmost life style, popularity, high extent of political reach are the only reasons to be successful , which attracts people? Is that one has to be successful for one’s self?


What are other reasons for you to be successful in context of values and principle of success?

The book answers this question in very simple language. The author elaborates his life experiences and explains the concepts in lively lines, which an unknown reader can relate to his/her life.

Different theories, concepts, directions and solution to be successful had made today’s youth so confusing that they keep trying to analyze “how to be successful” and forget the root parameter i.e. “why to be successful”

Understanding ‘Why to be successful”, makes our life simple and helps in generating a simple solution for “how to be successful”. Deeper your understanding about “why” more simple solutions will be for your “How”.


Now having a view on the book, I conclude that the top 5 reasons why one should read this book:

  1. It will give a differential idea about why one has to be successful – connecting principle of success.
  2. What a youth should think about and work upon
  3. What a youth’s though process should be?
  4. Understand principle of success at a very personal level and even connect it to your own life
  5. It’s a book from the ‘Youngest author of nation” in self-help category.

In the end I am sharing my views on how to get success.

जीतना तो दुनिया में हर कोई चाहता है,
हर कोई राजा बनने के सपनें सजाता है।
पर जो मेहनत की होड़ में,
अपनी इच्छाओं को दबाता है,
वही इंसान एक दिन कुछ कर दिखलाता है।

पाना तो सब चाहते है,
पर खोना कोई नहीं चाहता।
जो ना होए इच्छा पूरी,
तो हार कर अश्क बहाता।
ऐसा कर तू बस अपना दिल दुखाता,
क्यों नहीं पहले तू
अपने अरमानों पर रोक लगाता??

जो खोएगा वही पायेगा।
दुनियाँ की भीेड़ में धक्के खाके
एक दिन वही दूर निकल जायेगा।
पर जो दूंसरे की मेहनत का खायेगा,
वो मेहनत कर भी कायर कहलायेगा।

Prerna Mehrotra


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