Today I will be discussing my convocation experience in Mumbai, I wanted to give a short speech but due to time constraint I was unable to do so. So here are my few words on last day of college.

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First of all I would like to thanks ITM Group for choosing me as a best female student of the year 2013-2015.This college always motivated me by praising my virtue, teachers were always helpful I must say “Gone are the days but not the Memories” Today I realized that I love Mumbai because of my college, the love and care which I got from it are unforgettable.I still cherished those glorious moments which I have spent in its cocoon. Last but not the least I would like to thanks all my teachers/mentors who guided me & helped me in receiving this lifetime achievement award, it’s my pleasure to be the part of this wonderful institution that churned me and made me a better person.


I dedicate this poem to my Alma mater

तेरा शुक्रिया मैं कैसे करू?
कैसे तुझसे दूर होकर भी,
मैं आहें ना भरु?
तूने ही तो मेरी राह मुझे दिखाई हैं।
तुझसे सब कुछ सीख के ही
ये कवियत्री इतना सब कुछ कर पाई हैं।

Prerna Mehrotra


4 thoughts on “Convocation@ITM

  1. csadhikari says:

    good one Prerna: Tumhari kya tareef karun, tum sab se kuchh alag si thi/ Pyari ki muskonon se sab ka priy ban jati thi/

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