Personal Branding…..

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Personal branding is a process of marketing oneself to make one’s virtues a brand.In short you are your personal brand.

Now will be discussing some of the strategies of personal branding like it can be done through….

  • P-Personal blog
  • E-Email-marketing
  • R-Recommend others
  • S-Social media accounts
  • O-Organize an event
  • N-Noticeable change on social media account.
  • A-Add/highlight your unique skills
  • L-Learn from others and share your experience.

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Let’s see how it can be helpful to an individual.

  • B-Business growth
  • R-Receive recommendation
  • A-Allow one to explore more
  • N-Never let your confidence down.
  • D-Demonstrate your skills to the world
  • I-Influence others to follow you.
  • N-Narrate your story to the world
  • G-Gets popularity for you.

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