Join Freepaathshala as Volunteer


Education brings a huge change in one’s life but there are many who don’t get it. We as a team took an initiative to start our Freepathshala where we are giving free education to those in need. Our purpose is to bring a smile on the face of every such person who wishes to learn but lack resources to achieve something out of his/her own financial condition.

Special Class of society: Construction is happening everywhere in Gurgaon, however, construction workers do not get a permanent job and keep on changing their location which doesn’t allow them to admit their kids in any school. We wish to teach such kids and train their family members skilled so that they can also afford to take a house on Rent.

We are pleased to announce that soon we”ll be starting our new FreePathshala in Sector – 46 Gurgaon. Our first pathshala is successfully running in sector 51 Gurgaon with 30+ kids since June2015.

To spread education, we are looking for 30 enthusiastic volunteers who can devote some time for teaching at free pathshala.

Required Skills: Willing to work selflessly

Mandatory: Resident of Gurgaon with self-transportation should only apply

Volunteer can pick any of the Topics:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Match
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Life Skills
  • Social etiquettes
  • Good Touch / Bad Touch
  • Drawing
  • Dancing
  • Singing

Minimum committed Time: 1 Hr a Day

Volunteering option: Daily/ weekly/ fortnightly

Note : Certificate will be given but no cash reward

This is a community school and not a registered NGO so certificate might have no standing except your experience and what you have given back to society.


Selection Process: 

  • Personal Interview to know your seriousness
  • Presentation Round to understand your ability to Teach

For more details kindly refer our facebook page: 


3 thoughts on “Join Freepaathshala as Volunteer

  1. Sankalp jain says:

    YoU are doing fabulous job..
    I wish to join you, but location is bounding me.
    But in future i will definitely consider.

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