My Accomplishment

Things that happen to us at the beginning of our life, especially during our childhood very often leave an incredible mark on us. In my opinion, one of the most challenging tasks at the beginning of our life is to correctly choose what to do and follow it wisely.

When I was a child, I was not good academically but was still able to secure decent marks because I used to rote learn a lot, nevertheless, I have taught myself to study constructively and apply it productively.

School life had been a challenge for me because competition was intense and I was always motivated to outperform very well in every exam as I always wanted to be in the good book of my teacher and I have been happy with my performance. By working hard I have gradually cultivated myself into a better person and all this happened because I am determined to make things change, I am determined to spin my life around and change the way I see myself.During my formative years in college, I have majored in economics. Academics have been challenging here too, but I have tried my level best to cope up with the Delhi life and manage my personal life because I found a huge difference between UP and Delhi lifestyle. Delhi was an alien planet to me.

I had desired to graduate with a degree in B.COM (Hons) from Delhi University but my destiny took me towards economics hons one of the prestigious and toughest courses of Delhi University. I struggled a lot to survive here and now those three-year of struggling now very much like a dream for me.

Currently, I am working with VRRSP Technologies Pvt Ltd: Interview Air  as a Sr Business Development Manager, covering north India The aim of my blog is to create awareness that how we can easily learn the concept of the serious topic like depression, sorrow, pain, help etc. I think every word is self-explanatory. It is just that we need to understand its meaning from every word its contain.There are many rungs left in my ladder to climb to reach my cherished goal. My goal is far, far ahead and I have just crossed the infantile stage, I am still a learner who wants show path to other.

In the end, I just want to say “I am not a Teacher but a Kindle “


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