अंदर से संवारो ख़ुदको



Your outer appearance will never define your beauty because it is the heart that is important.The one whose intentions are beautiful is actually beautiful & they are the one who peacefully enjoys their life with dignity and making their environment feel proud.In short, the key to success is to become beautiful from within.” A beautiful heart can earn the trust of millions.

गहरी बन, ज़िन्दगी की गहराई में उतरती हूँ।
अपने को कर बस ठीक,
अब हर रोज़ मैं संवरती हूँ।
इस गहराई का सच,
सच्चे लोग ही समझ पायेंगे।
संवार के यू खुदको आज,
आने वाले कल में वही ज़िन्दगी का लुफ्त उठायेंगे।

Prerna Mehrotra Gupta


जो ना झुलसे

sample design

अक्सर देखा है,
मैंने बहुतो को रोते हुये,
तन, मन, धन, लुटा कर भी खोते हुये।
ख़ुशी वो नहीं जो बाहर से दिखती हैं,
अग्नि की तपन सह कर ही एक रोटी सिकती है.
उस तेज़ की  तप से ही तो,  बनी है वो पूरी,
जो ना झुलसती, तो रह जाती अधूरी।
ख़ुशी का प्रकाश, तप कर ही जगमगाता हैं.
जो ना झुलसे इसमें वो पीछे रह जाता हैं।


Prerna Mehrotra

Key to boast up your confidence…

Firstly, help others without expecting much because if other does not bother about your feelings then god will take care of your feelings and will definitely give you reward but have patience…

Secondly, try to make your weakness your strength this will 80% boast up your confidence level.

Thirdly, do not think too much about future as well as past because future is always uncertain and past has gone so try to give your best in present situation only and live your life happily.

Most important consider yourself as your only friend, try to find out your own virtue, and must extol it…