क्यों ज़रूरी है अच्छाई को अपनाना ??

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Every moment creates some value. Just be happy and make others feel happy.

Prerna Mehrotra Gupta


भावनायें कवयित्री की…..

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Want to become a deep poetess…

Prerna Mehrotra Gupta


Trust is a beautiful feeling of rely, but once it is broken, it will take years to come in to its original form. So do not break the trust of our elders, friends or anyone because we are human being, “the creature of divine “from whom God expect a lot.

  • T-tremendous
  • R-reliable
  • U– Unconditional
  • S-Sincerity
  • T-trust

Therefore, if you break the trust of trust then trust will not trust you…