खुदको कभी भूल ना जाना।

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Buddha quote-you yourself as much as anyone in the universe. Pamper yourself never begrudge yourself for the sake of others. You will face the consequences of your causes so just improve yourself and try to become a better person in every moment of your life.

Five things you must do for yourself.

  • Most important point- Forgive yourself for your mistake.
  • Appreciate & motivate yourself.
  • Deep gratitude for whatever you achieved so far.
  • Do not be fake live the life in your own unique way and be firm with your positive attitude.
  • Try to spend most of the quality time with you and try to listen to your own inner voice through meditation, chanting, music, exercising whatever activity you may like. Just do it do not spend much energy in thinking what other people think about you. Just be yourself and enjoy your life at peace but remember never ever be a reason for someone else sorrow. Buddha nature exists in each and everything on this earth just tries to attract this buddha nature from the universe.

Prerna Mehrotra Gupta


जागो जननी जागो।

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Women need to understand this fact that all women on earth are themselves shakti. Instead of begrudging their lives they should start to bring revolutions in their community by not slandering each other. Always remember together we can win. Let’s live our lives with an attitude of gratitude. Let’s respect each other virtue but at the same time maintain your dignity too because there is always a clash between thoughts. It completely ok if people have different thoughts on our character. You just be yourselves and cannot become fake.

Prerna Mehrotra Gupta

होनी तो होके ही रहती है।

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No one can stop their suffering but by utilizing our time fruitfully we can divert our mind from our problems. Let’s leave our footprint here in this world with the help of our passion which not only makes you feel calm but also provides peace to others as well.

Prerna Mehrotra Gupta